The leading PostgreSQL company in France

Dalibo has been providing services, training and support to its clients since 2005.

What our clients say

I appreciate having a simple relationship with Dalibo. If I have questions, PostgreSQL experts will answer me, without jargon and without bureaucracy.

The Dalibo service offering is particularly attractive because in addition to solving problems, they allow their clients to train and learn about PostgreSQL, so that they become a little more independent every day.

The two keywords of Dalibo’s support are responsiveness and proximity.

Dalibo is exemplary in their expertise and advice.

PostgreSQLWhy choose PostgreSQL ?

Launched 25 years ago, PostgreSQL is currently the number 1 alternative to Oracle and the main database in many companies.

PostgreSQL is a dynamic and robust DBMS, able to handle high loads and terabytes of data. It’s also a standard compliant and feature rich database: Hot Standby, Window Functions, JSON, Foreign Data Wrappers, Materialized Views, etc.

Like Apache and Linux, PostgreSQL is developed by a global community of scientist and companies. The source code is available under an Open Source licence, which means you can use and distribute it freely.