Choose PostgreSQL and regain your freedom

PostgreSQL can replace any RDBMS. Switching to PostgreSQL is a simple and powerful way to reduce licence costs. In the long run, it will provide you with more flexibility and the ability to evolve faster.

Dalibo supports you in your transition to PostgreSQL, enabling you to regain control of your data and information system. Each project is carefully and pragmatically studied to offer the approach that best meets your needs.

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Decision Support

Our experts analyze the state of your instances to be migrated and provide a complexity report with their observations, recommendations, and a ranking to assist you in your transition.


A study phase is carried out on a snapshot of your production data to create a turnkey migration deliverable. The solutions implemented are all open-source and documented to ensure you maintain autonomy during the transition to PostgreSQL.


Dalibo supports you during the testing and performance phases to ensure the smooth operation of your applications. Missing an index or a malfunctioning stored procedure? Our team will help you identify and correct any issues that arise during migration!

Eligible Systems

Oracle Database
Microsoft SQL Server
* Case-by-case study