Dalibo offers a wide range of services for PostgreSQL and its related software. Each mission is focused on 3 main goals: data safety, performance and quality of services.

Architecture PostgreSQL


Dalibo can design the right PostgreSQL set up for your needs: high volumes, sharding, load balancing, data partitions, etc.

Audit PostgreSQL

System audits

Drawing on many years of experience on a wide range of projects, Dalibo can audit applications and systems built upon PostgreSQL, in order to increase security, stability and performance.

Migration PostgreSQL


PostgreSQL can replace any RDBMS. Switching to PostgreSQL is a simple and powerful way to reduce licence costs. In the long run, it will provide you with more flexibility and the ability to evolve faster.

Sécurité PostgreSQL

Data security

Thanks to its great expertise in this area, Dalibo can build robust backup and restore procedures and create management systems to ensure the safety of your databases.

Haute-disponibilité PostgreSQL

High Availibility

Dalibo can build various replication infrastructures based on your needs. We’ve developed our own tools to performs Automatic Failover for PostgreSQL.

Check out our white papers !

Our white papers cover various aspects of PostgreSQL : how to migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL, how to industrialize, how to choose the right tools, etc. For now, these guides are only availbale in French, but we are willing to work on a translation : Send us an email if you’re interested.