We chose Open Source and Cooperation

For us, supporting PostgreSQL is not a commercial opportunism, but the expression of a long-term involvement in the free software community. That is why our choice of Open Source was written within our cooperative statutes in 2011.


Our reputation is built on the quality and quantity of our contributions to the PostgreSQL community. Therefore Dalibo encourages all its employees to spend up to 20% of their time working in community activities by writing or proofreading code as well as writing articles, organizing conferences, taking part in the co-operative movement, etc. Here is a list of open source projects that we used to or currently support:

a PostgreSQL Cooperative

A PostgreSQL Coop!

PostgreSQL success demonstrates that transparency, openness and cooperation are a source of innovation and a guarantee of sustainability.

Dalibo has integrated these principles in its own DNA: the company is a cooperative business, fully owned and controlled by its workers. Decisions are taken in a democratic way and the profits are shared in equal parts.

Dalibo joined or supports the following non-profit organisations:

The French-speaking organisation dedicated to PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Europe
The European organisation for PostgreSQL

The main Free Software organisation in France

The organisation promoting Free Software and culture

The organisation promoting French open source companies

Confédération générale des Scop
The French Cooperatives Confederation